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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back To The Wild WIld West

Some fanzine art I did for Back to the Wild Wild West and the late Ann Teipen. I first read about Ann's
Fanzine in the back of Sue Keslers Wild Wild West the Series book. The absolute best book ever done on the show. I did pretty primitive drawings back then and through the years and with Ann's encouragement, I kept at it, got a little better. Back to the Wild Wild West made me a better artist as I wanted to get better for Ann
and the subscribers of the Fanzine. There was always lots of writers for the Zine, but few art submissions. Through the years I lost count as to how many drawings I turned in. I do remember sending in a bunch of stuff
at the end of the zine that never was used as Ann ended it and stopped communicating with subscribers.
here is the drawing I did that ended up on the cover of # 50.  My Thanks to Micheal Sims for the copies of
the Fanzines.

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