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Thursday, March 25, 2010

James T. West in the Smoke

James T. West, ready for action.... A throw down in the smoke...I always loved the colored smoke they used on the show. plus the colors in general were so great. Don't know if it was the Technicolor or what but it seemed some shows looked better back then for some reason. This is a mixed media piece for sure...Oils and Photoshop.


westernparadox said...

The smoke is a very cool effect. I like the design in the background too.

Apple said...

How do you mix photoshop and oils? If you don't mind a little lesson :)

Gordon West said...

Easy, I take an Oil painting , in this case one that has a James West and scan it into a jpg. I take the jpg and pop it in photoshop, I cut out just the James West part of it. I make a new page in Photoshop and color it , drag my James West on it and make a new layer for the background design and do it another layer for the smoke and make it. Filter it a little, adjust the size and crop and save it as a new jpg. Done.